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The study of consciousness requires a multidisciplinary approach involving physics, mathematics, biochemistry, neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, and philosophy. The Foundation is interested in the scientific investigation of consciousness under the assumption that it is an irreducible property of nature.


This hypothesis assumes that consciousness is the evolutionary product of an irreducible and primordial awareness already present in the very energy that created space, time, and matter. Therefore awareness is taken to be an irreducible aspect of the energy of the Big Bang, and this aware-energy contains the seeds of space, time, matter, and consciousness.

Loosely speaking, awareness is the inherent capacity of the primordial energy to observe and know itself and to direct its evolution as it transforms into space, time, matter and consciousness of ever increasing complexity to know itself. Awareness is then an irreducible, self-reflecting property of the primordial energy, where self-reflection contains the germs of observation, identity, perception, feelings, memory, experience, knowing, learning, understanding, imagining, deciding, acting, willing, intending, creating, and many other higher aspects, all co-evolving together with the material forms.


Physics assumes that space, time and matter emerge out of a unified energy, the energy of the Big Bang. Since this unified energy already contains the seeds of space, time and matter, why not add the seed of consciousness and thus unify ab initio the entire reality as it is perceived by us? Reality has two complementary aspects, an inner and an outer aspect, like two sides of a coin, which stand in a fundamental relationship with each other. The outer aspect is the physical, so-called objective, reality; the inner aspect is the subjective experience, the domain of consciousness. The two reflect each other, yet they are fundamentally different. We could metaphorically say that the inner reality is analogous to the wave nature of elementary particles and the outer reality is analogous to their particle nature.

The Foundation believes that the problem of explaining consciousness as an emergent property of the aware-energy of the Big Bang may actually be easier than just explaining how space, time and matter emerge out of a non-aware primordial energy. Space and time, after all, are intimately connected with the nature of the observer, and the nature of the observer is intimately connected with the nature of consciousness, even if this latter assertion is still controversial. Therefore, the unification of physics and the unification of science and spirituality may both be simultaneously possible by the simple assumption that the seed of consciousness are already contained in the energy of the Big Bang.

In other words, the aware-energy out of which everything is made has an inherent complementarity; the inner, non-material aspect which is the awareness aspect, and the outer, material aspect which is the energy or substance out of which matter is made. Space and time then may be explained as the connectives between the inner and the outer aspects of reality.


Another important aspect of the Big Bang energy is its unified character, i.e. it is an undivided and indivisible wholeness describable by the yet unknown equations that will eventually unify quantum physics (QP) and general relativity (GR). This wholeness evolves, without ever losing its wholeness, by co-creating and co-evolving container and content, i.e. space-time-awareness and matter respectively.

This view postulates the nature of the universe as a co-evolution of consciousness and material forms, starting from a common unified seed. The material forms, then, are physical representations of the self-knowing achieved by the evolving consciousness of the universe. The intuition here is that for consciousness to know itself it needs matter to function as a dynamic mirror, reflecting to itself its own ever-changing and ever growing self-knowing. Thus, matter and consciousness are tightly coupled, constituting the co-evolving inner and outer aspects of reality respectively.

Starting with this assumption, the next step is to create a conceptual framework of sufficient power to inspire the necessary mathematical theory of consciousness. This theory has to contain QP and GR as special cases; and it has to make new testable predictions that are not made by either QP or GR. In this view, the inclusion of awareness as the fundamental property of the primordial energy should facilitate the unification of QP and GR that has eluded physicists for almost a century, despite an unprecedented effort by thousands of them.

The Foundation believes that this assumption has the ultimate unifying potential and should be vigorously pursued. I also can change in a fundamental way the narrative about the nature of reality, compared to the current narrative based on a purely materialistic view, thus restoring meaning and purpose to the Cosmos.

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  1. Mark Sinus / Reply January 2, 2015 at 8:30 am

    The key to understanding the nature of consciousness is beyond current scientific paradigm, but already within the existing technologies of mind control. The very possibility of access to this knowledge related to the solution of critical dilemma. The stakes are high. On the one hand, this knowledge will remove the veil from the greatest mystery of creation of the man and universe and will highlight the main way of the future evolution of human civilization. On the other hand, with the existing unresolved international conflicts, social antagonisms, cultural and religious differences, this knowledge can be disposed by dictatorial regimes to create new weapons of mass destruction. You cannot let the children and criminals mess in a powder keg with matches.

  2. Shaikh Raisuddin / Reply February 23, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    I have sent brief through CONTACT US feature about Interface Theory of Consciousness

  3. Garry Trahern / Reply February 4, 2016 at 9:51 am

    I just wanted to thank you and the foundation for supporting Chris Fields’ work. His papers in the two past years (2014, 2015) that were published on the physics archive and supported by you are well aligned with the goals of your foundation in my opinion. They were a very good investment. Thanks again!

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  5. David Marlin / Reply April 30, 2018 at 2:06 am

    Your physics and awareness graphic leaves out a HUGE element: non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In particular, the exciting work of Jeremy England, who is on the verge of quantifying the concept of Prana, or Chi, or whatever name you want to give to the prime mover of all life. This has to be related to the concept of the primal energy of creation that gives rise to both conscious awareness and the matter/energy constituting the universe.

  6. antonello / Reply October 28, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Dear Dr Faggin,
    your studies (in particular the Brazil spirituality ones) should be very useful for psychiatry and I wish you the best.
    Please, don give up!
    My son is affected by schizophrenia and the evidences are that he is recovering without medications and drugs (which just intoxicate your body), but using vitamins and natural remedies, together with art and healing practices.
    I’d be extremely grateful to have a contact with you and/or someone of your team.
    Kind regards

  7. Josue D'Amato / Reply April 14, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    come hai sempre fatto finora, arriverai a concludere il progetto, … realizzerai la consapevolezza del silicio ma quella del carbonio è altra cosa

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