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The foundation supports various programs at us universities and institutes to advance the understanding of consciousness through theoretical and experimental research.
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Silicon - The Autobiography of Federico Faggin

The Faggin Foundation is thrilled to announce that Federico Faggin’s autobiography “Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness” is now available in English in paperback or kindle editions.  Published in February of 2021, the audiobook edition will be available in March 2021.  To stay informed on the latest, please join our mailing list.

What is Consciousness?

My curiosity about consciousness started in the late eighties when I asked myself if it was possible to make a conscious computer. In the early sixties, artificial intelligence (AI) researchers, speculated that soon computers would surpass human intelligence. Despite being much more powerful, today’s computers are not one bit more conscious, than the computers in early sixties.

Federico Faggin


The fundamental nature of reality

The consciousness units In the essay entitled “The nature of consciousness,” I introduced the concept of consciousness units (CUs), the fundamental “components” of all that exists: space, time and the quantum fields of the fundamental particles. In this framework, space and quantum fields are composed of various organizations of CUs, and therefore a quantum field is also a conscious self, a part-whole formed by those

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness allows us to do much more than blindly acting in automatic response to sensory signals, which is all a machine can do. No feelings are possible between the symbolic recognition and the programmed action. It is consciousness that creates the interiority we experience.

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